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To our annual recital, enjoy it!!!!

The first primates appeared 50 billion years ago.


Homo sapiens emerged from Africa, a human lineage between 8 to 5 million years ago.

The first migrations were to Europe and Asia, arriving in America crossing from Siberia to Alaska 17,000 years ago.


Man makes a cultural leap; rituals and art through the burial of the dead, art samples emerge in the caves; likewise, dance is associated with ritual actions;

discover the need to communicate, to show emotions, worship of deities and offerings through the art of dance.



The Mexica were the last people to settle in 1325, after a long pilgrimage that took them to an izlote located to the west of Lake Texcoco, in the lake where their God Huichilopoztli transformed into an eagle would reveal the end of the journey from a chinampera agriculture, the Mexica managed to increase their population and organize their specific work tasks, the city located on a small islet was artificially enlarged in a relatively short time, it contained a system of temples and plazas, as well as a residential area where a structure of the cosmos was replicated.

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