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Mexican Folk Dancers

Festivales De Mexico


Competition Location

This year's competition will be held at the Scottish Rite Auditorium. All students will report downstairs to the dressing room. Feel free to bring clothing racks, lawn chairs, coolers, and any other items to make the dressing space as comfortable as possible for you.

Theater dressing room.jpeg


There is street and garage parking available for a daily rate. We recommend showing up early so you can secure a spot close by. Click below for directions to the nearest parking lot available!


Dancers will receive free admission but parents and spectators must pay a $5 admission fee per day. Recording is also not available unless you purchase a Video Permit for $40. These purchases must be made at the competition site. 

Competition Schedule

Here is the schedule for all SIMA entries. We ask that you make all efforts to support our students by attending their performances! 

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