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SIMA began with 1 teacher and 7 students, 3 of whom were the instructor's children; today there are more than 150 students in this discipline.


The dancer of this art of dance expresses his emotions through body movements and sounds that seem to sing with his feet.


The director and founder, Lic. in Edu. Silvia Parra, says that when she studied her degree, her country covered her university expenses, so her desire is to give back a little of what she received. Taking Mexican culture abroad, spreading traditions is a goal she has worked towards since 2005. 


Now SIMA is a family legacy and a gift to the world from a brave, enterprising, capable and hardworking woman, whose son Christopher Fierro has been in charge of the artistic side since 2015.


The ballet has received many recognitions, has participated in different state and national competitions, of which it has been champion and with awards from first to third place in its different categories, SIMA has also been invited to participate in important events at the international level and continue with the goals for another level.


It is said that those who practice this impact sport are people who have self-esteem and confidence to speak, perform better than many, coordinate more, use their brains more, know how to work as a team, rejoice in the achievements of others and the list goes on and on.


SIMA Ballet Folklorico is a Mexican pride abroad, a heritage for the world. 


Viva Mexico!!!

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