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  • Veracruz (danzón)

  • El Colás

  • El Jaqueton

After the conquest of the Spaniards and with the coming and going of that country, the blacks arrived as slaves of the conquerors, bringing their culture and traditions, which together with the Spanish was a great mixture of which the result is these wonderful rhythms that are expressed through the "Son" Veracruzano. 

The word Jarocho comes from the jara that was used as a weapon by the "mulatos" (blacks), it was at that time that the Spaniards began to call that way the children of blacks and Indians, as they also called them "mulatos pardos" which was a very derogatory and insulting term. 

Today they are called Jarocho to anyone born in this beautiful state, giving it a meaning as a cheerful person, chacharachera, hardworking, noble and loyal. 
Veracruzanos have proudly adopted the gentilicio.

The son jarocho is mestizo music dating back to the XVI century attributed to a troubadour from the Port of Veracruz. It is poetry sung in sones composed of coplas, mostly amorous and mischievous. 

It is mostly danced in couples, although it depends on its choreography. 
It is a rigid dance to the rhythm of the music. 

 It has become a representative and sociocultural part of this state, especially in the region of Sotavento and all Mexico.

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