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Nayarit Costa

Group 4

  • Vuela Paloma

  • Mi Lindo Nayarit

After Mexico's independence, on June 16, 1823, the Free and Sovereign State of Jalisco was born, of which the current territory of Nayarit became part, called the Seventh Canton of Jalisco.

On August 7, 1867 by decree issued by President Benito Juarez Garcia, the Seventh Canton of Jalisco became the Military District of Tepic.

On December 12, 1884 by decree issued by President Manuel Gonzalez, the Military District of Tepic was elevated to the rank of federal territory separating it from the state of Jalisco and thus creating the Territory of Tepic.

On January 26, 1917 the territory of Tepic was admitted by the federation of the United Mexican States as the state of Nayarit.
Costa de Nayarit, this painting was a work created by Master Jaime Buentello Bazán between the years of 1974 - 1975, where together with Master Álvaro López from Los Mochis, they went to the Gold Coast of Nayarit, taking as a base of the celebrations of Tuxpan Nayarit, mainly a cantina called "La Vitamina", where, as in many others, dancing on top of the tables and other excesses are forbidden, but to the sound of the band and the beer, these pass to second term, because at the same time there are women who are invited by the parishioners to dance and where the great majority of the music is band music.

Thus was born the idea of celebrating the Nayarit Coast as a parranda in the cantina of "La Vitamina" in Tuxpan, and so was born the most elegant, colorful and flashy costumes, both in women and men.

The elegant costeños already with shoes to sound strong zapateados that, unlike the sinaloenses, these are marked more with the right foot.

The women get a faster faldeo, where the jalisciense is mixed with the sinaloense and as a special ingredient they bend more.

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