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the death of madero

Act 7

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After the tragic decade, President Fco I Madero fell prisoner at the hands of Victoriano Huerta, along with Vice President José Ma Pino Suarez. Forcing them to resign from their positions. Major Cárdenas approached them when they were preparing to sleep in the government palace and told them that in the morning they would be transferred to the Lecumberri prison for their safety and then they would leave for the port of Ver so they could take a boat to Cuba Island. .

President Madero with tears in his eyes said goodbye to his friend General Felipe Ángeles and prepared to leave. Mr. Pino Suárez came out from the palace patio while shouting... Goodbye my general!!

They got into the car and passed the door and at that point Cárdenas turned around with a stick and said: - Don't worry, we're going to enter through the back door.


Madero knew that there was no back door and he made it known.
Then Cárdenas stopped the procession, took Madero out of the car and shot him twice in the forehead. At the same time that they shot Madero, they took Pino Suarez out of the car and when he realized that they had murdered the president, he shouted... Help, they're killing me!!! They cornered him against the wall and shot him there.

Sunday 23
The morning newspaper... EXTRA, EXTRA!!! PRESIDENT MADERO HAS DIED!!!

The city was filled with crimes against the Maderistas. So, many flee to the north of the country and abroad. The women, sad and outraged because the apostle of democracy had been murdered, took up arms and joined the ranks of Fco Villa in the north.

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